About CTS

Hi! My name is Sterling Cullen and I am currently the sole owner/operator of Cullen Technology Services based in the Bozeman/Helena area of Montana. CTS is a result of many years of fixing and building computers for relatives and friends and taking on various technological challenges. While I am a graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, MT in the field of Electrical Engineering, much of my technical know how is a result of years of experience and self taught skills. CTS is not just about computer repair, but out-of-the-box thinking with the knowledge and materials available.

Please feel free to contact me using the Contact section of this site.

A Note on Availabilty:
I feel it should be noted that while I enjoy the challenges of CTS, it is not enough to live on yet, and thus I have my day job at WTC, Inc. as an Applications Engineer and IT Administrator. Please contact me for scheduling an appointment.

CTS has teamed up with SuperSonic-Online.net to enhance the available services with online web/email hosting as well as bring additional technical experience to the table. SuperSonic-Online.net (available under Resources) is owned and operated by Michael Marquardt of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, who has been a good friend of mine for many years. In addition to CTS, SSO provides the online hosting for many other websites, some maintained by CTS as indicated by the projects menu. Online hosting can be provided and maintained either directly by SuperSonic-Online.net, CTS,
or Stratum Design.

Please see the Contact section of this site to contact SSO.

Of course it goes without saying that CTS recommends, supports, and uses SSO.

CTS is pleased to announce that we (CTS & SSO) have teamed up with Stratum Design to enhance our visual presense.  Not only has Stratum provided great looking graphics for each of our businesses, but they have also been a key element in making our client sites look great.  Stratum Design is owned and operated by Charles Fulepp of McAllister, Montana, USA, who like Michael, has also been a good friend of mine for almost as many years.  Stratum  Design offers a full range of graphic design services including custom logo design, website design & hosting, stationery design and all types of graphic design for printing including brochure design, postcard design, flyer design, sale sheet design, form design and more.CTS’s website development will now be partnered with Stratum Design.  Stratum Design will be the point of contact for such work.

Please check out Stratum Design’s website at

And as before, it goes without saying that CTS recommends, supports, and uses Stratum Design.

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