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As of May 2013, Stratum Design & Cullen Tech Services are utilizing the SharePress plugin by Fat Panda to link WordPress posts to applicable Facebook pages.  In order to do this however, the owner of the Facebook page in question must be/become an app developer and create an app to handle the transactions between the WordPress driven site and their page.  While this seems daunting at first, the folks at Fat Panda have made easy to follow instructions to make the app work with SharePress.  These instructions can be found in our Knowledge Vault.  Please keep in mind that if you are a Stratum Design, Cullen Tech Services, or SuperSonic-Online website client, we’ll have the plugin installed and you will be able to access the Pro features of this plugin.  Please start with the “Creating Your Facebook Application” section as we just need you to create an app with Facebook and supply us or paste your App ID and App Secrete in to the SharePress plugin.  Once this information has been installed in confidence, we will take care of the remaining configuration.  Thank you Fat Panda for making this plugin and documentation easy to use and follow.

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Knowledge Vault Article: Creating a Facebook App for WordPress

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