CTS offers custom solutions for problem solving. Whether it is creating a solution to accomplish a goal or troubleshooting an existing issue, CTS can work with both hardware and software technologies to accomplish the goal.

While most of our work resides around PCs with windows, CTS is open to working with other types of platforms. We have some experience with Apple systems and about the same with Linux systems. CTS builds new PCs and repairs/maintains existing ones as need by the customer for smooth performance. Hardware upgrades such as RAM, PSUs, GPUs, CPUs are often performed and some times add on peripheral cards are installed to meet the needs of the user.

CTS can provide solutions for building and maintaining websites, as well as web hosting.

CTS will also on occasion take on a unique request to repair an appliance or devise a way to accomplish a task unique to the situation.

Please take a look at the various services provided by CTS offered under the services menu. Over time these services may change, but when they do, we will be updating the news section of this site to help keep you informed. Please check back regularly.

CTS’s general services fees are outlined in the Fees/Payment section of the services menu. Services that don’t conform to the general fee schedule will have their fees listed in their section of the services menu.

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