Custom Built PCs

So you’re in the need of a new PC, but you don’t know which manufacture to buy from or which model has the specs you need. CTS can help.

Why guess when CTS can custom build one, or many PCs to fit your needs. Be it for personal or business, CTS will listen to what you need your system to do and pick the parts that will best achieve this functionality while attempting to keep your budget in mind.

For example, say you want a machine for browsing the web, checking email, e-commerce, storing pictures from your vacation, playing music, etc.  This system might have a processor that isn’t super fast but one that is respectable and reliable for the current technology, standard issue RAM, stock graphics chip, but with a larger hard drive storage capacity for the photos, music, and user documents that would accumulate over time.

On the flip side of this example, say you wanted a high performance gaming machine to keep up with your favorite FPS or MMORPG.  This system might have a multi-core high end processor with performance memory, a dedicated high performance graphics chip followed by a hard drive that has greater speed to give you that ultimate gaming experience.  Typically in the first example the machine can physically be smaller as many of the parts are smaller.  In the second example, often these types of machines are in larger cases because they have larger parts and require more cooling(usually air) and there are usually many ways to customize them.

Business class machines are often designed to be workstations built to be reliable and spec oriented to the desired function.

CTS can even build servers.

So what is it going to cost you?  The formula is simple for a unit:

Cost of Parts (including S&H) + PC Build Fee* = A PC with the operating system & hardware drivers installed.

*Note: There is a different build fee for server than a PC because of the extra setup that is involved with a server hardware & operating system.

Should you wish any additional software be installed and configured and/or the unit to be installed onsite by CTS with the option of transferring your existing data to the new unit(s), the time will be billed in addition to the above cost at the hourly rate appropriate to where the work is done.  Please contact CTS for a estimate.

A Note Regarding Laptops:

While CTS is unable to build laptops due to the compact and proprietary nature of laptop hardware, we’ve been asked many times for our recommendation.  While picking the exact model of laptop requires the same desired functionality discussion that building a desktop/tower PC does, it does help to know where to start.  Generally, CTS recommends Toshiba, Gateway, & Acer(no cheap units please).  We’ve seen too many issues with most of the other manufactures either with their hardware or customer service.

To check out some of the PCs built by CTS, check out the image gallery below:

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