Custom Technology Repair

So your favorite electronic device isn’t working and you’ve tried the standard bags of tricks to get to go again, but to no avail.  Before you toss it, give CTS a try. CTS is pleased to offer repairs services for your electronics devices.  Sometimes a new connector, wire or other electronics components (large or small) can bring your device back to life without having to buy a new one.  Contact us and we’ll take a look at the device, access its condition, and determine if CTS can fix it.

Repair Examples:

CTS has repaired several VCRs that were dead, one being of the international format variety.  After fixing the power supply circuits, they all work fine now.

Additionally, CTS repaired a Panasonic Plasma TV that was also seemingly dead.  After accessing its condition and doing research, it was found that this unit’s power circuit also failed.  Parts were ordered and now the TV is back in service.  Please check out the images below:

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