Custom Technology Services

CTS does more than just build and repair computers.  As the name suggests, CTS strives to provide custom solutions with the available technology to fit the needs or goals of the user as well as the budget.

To accomplish this, CTS evaluates goals, determines  the materials needed, develops the stage or stages need to achieve it, and once in agreement with the client, proceeds accordingly.

An example of one such custom solution is the garage turned theater.  Utilizing home theater equipment, computers and basic building materials, CTS convert a small single car garage into a HD Home Theater equipped with a 10 foot screen, stadium style seating with carpet and wall coverings/hangings that look like those found in regular theaters, all while maintaining storage capabilities like most garages.  Oh, and it is usable year round because it has heating and air conditioning.

Later on, a custom built Jukebox was created to contain and control the systems that drive this theater, maximizing the content & capabilities of the system.  Further information of this system will be available under the projects menu of this site.

This service isn’t limited to building home theaters or computers, as it is about fill the needs or wants of the user.  It can include combination of any of the other services provided by CTS and even ones that aren’t typically provided.

Need a custom solution for your project?  Please use the contact form of this site to enlist CTS’s services.

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