Home Video Conversion Service

Before the digital age of home video camera’s, video tape was one of the most common ways of saving precious home videos.  Sadly what most people don’t know is that the video tape those memories are recorded will eventually degrade and someday may be unplayable.  The good news is that is possible to convert those memories into a more permanent and compact form.

Cullen Technology Services is pleased to offer a conversion service that will convert your home movies/videos from VHS or other format to a digital format and then to DVD.

Basic Conversion:
The Basic Conversion method is where the content is digitized, and then the DVD is created with the chapter breaks place automatically by the system.

Detailed Conversion:

The Detailed Conversion method is where the content is digitized, and the content is separated out scene by scene and chapters assigned by the scene instead of automatically.  Additionally most of the distorted segments of tape that occur when pausing/stopping a recording to resume later can be clipped to make playback cleaner.

Please note that CTS will only convert home movies that you have the copyright to.  Movies that were store bought will not be converted.

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