Custom Built Servers

Server builds are more complex than regular PCs because of the specialized hardware and operating systems that they use.  Fortunately, CTS brings not only our knowledge and experience, but that of SuperSonic Online whose specialty is web hosting and maintaining the servers thereof.  CTS has experience building and running Windows Server 2000, 2003 (Various incarnations), & 2008 (2008 R2) where the servers performed everything from basic and advanced file sharing, VPN, web page hosting, anti-virus hosting, VOIP, FTP, DHCP, Active Directory, etc.  CTS also has experience setting up networks (including firewall & router support) to go with the server(s) and the client computer(s).  SuperSonic Online has over 9 years of experience working with and building custom & name brand servers in professional environments.  In addition to maintaining server hardware,  SuperSonic Online maintains specialized software inherent to hosting services such as Database Servers, Server Virtualization, Backend Statistic Services, Virtual Site Binding, Secure Socket Layering, and DNS Servers.  Combined, CTS & SSO are capable of providing custom server solutions to fit any and all needs.

CTS offers two server types:

Server Hybrids:
The first and most common type of server that CTS builds consist of desktop hardware, with emphasis on data storage, data throughput, and processing power.  Add Windows Server as the operating system and you have an economical solution.  Please keep in mind that the server operating system utilizes more resources both technically and financially than your standard Windows system.  It is at least three times as expensive and for this type of build, the operating system may cost as much if not more than the hardware it runs on.  Additionally it will takes longer to load, with additional resources used to run the various server functions that are normally not part of the standard Windows operating system.  However, built with the right parts, these machines make excellent, stable, cost effective servers.

True Servers:
For those who need the multi-processor (AMD or Intel), dedicated hardware raid, enterprise grade storage, and the raw performance of a server motherboard, CTS can build a system fit to your needs.  Standard and rack mount form factors are available.  Server motherboards have remote management solutions and other hardware options including baseboard management controllers, redundant network connections, hot swappable hard drives, and some include redundant power supplies.  Please note that the power utilized by this type of server is typically higher than your average desktop PC/Server.  This should be  taken into account when planning for backup power systems (UPS).

So what is it going to cost you?  The formula is simple for a unit:

Cost of Parts (including S&H) + Server Build Fee* = A Server with the operating system & hardware drivers installed.

*Note: There is a different build fee for server(s) than a PC because of the extra setup that is involved with the hardware & operating system.

Should you wish any additional software or network equipment installed and configured and/or the unit to be installed onsite by CTS with the option of transferring your existing data to the new unit(s), the time will be billed in addition to the above cost at the hourly rate appropriate to where the work is done.  Please contact CTS for a estimate.

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