The Future of CTS

Greetings CTS Clients,

I would like to thank you for allowing CTS to provide you with technical support over the last several years.

As often happens in life, things change, and a large change is coming in my family.  Come February, my wife and I will begin moving from the Bozeman area, back to the Helena area.  For CTS’s Helena base clients, this will be a good thing.  For my Bozeman based clients, the biggest change is that it won’t be as easy for me to provide onsite service visits.  Luckily, with remote technology, I can still provide similar support as I do now.  Additionally, I won’t be a stranger to Bozeman as I will be still employed by the same Bozeman based company (the wonders of telecommuting) and I will be making frequent trips to Bozeman for various company functions.  Service visits could be scheduled to coincide with these trips if needed.

To facilitate the move, CTS will be going on hiatus, effective immediately, with exception of its current support issue(s).  It will remain on that way until sometime in March, possibly April, when my wife and I have completed the move and I’ve rebuilt the resources needed to provide CTS’s technical services.  During this time, CTS will not be accepting any new projects or support issues.  Please keep in mind, this will not affect anybody’s website/email services or anti-virus protection.  If there is an issue with either of these, you will receive support.

Thank you for your patience as my wife and I make this change in our lives.  It is my hope that once CTS is back on its feet again, you’ll continue to utilize its services.

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